“Neither talent, nor potential wins titles” I wrote a couple of days ago when assessing the first week of the Red Lions at this World Cup. This Monday evening we learned the Red Lions came a long way but were not yet ready to take the next step, the step to the podium… There is no shame in this defeat (2-3) against the experienced English side. jordanRemember the famous quote by one of the best athletes the world of sport has seen, Michael Jordan: “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

We will all understand the first reaction of players, staff and supporters will be one of disappointment. Strong disappointment even… But the recipe for success in sport is a simple one: you take some talent, add lots and lots of hard work, then even more hard work, sprinkle it with plenty of experience and a pinch of luck… And voilà: Success in sports! IMHO you need all of these ingredients, leave one of these out and you will not see a lasting success. And don’t forget, experience comes in two flavours, winning & losing and, like sweet & sour,  they need to be in balance for a good sauce.

When the success of these Red Lions will come (notice the choice for when instead of if) the experience of losing the final at the latest EC and missing out on the semi finals this WC will prove to be important stepping stones to a lasting success story.

To finish up with one more cliché: it is not important how many times or how hard you fall, it’s about getting up and giving it another go… and nobody delivers that message better then “Rocky”: