• The game is not just about the goals

    We’ve had quite a lot of “innovation” – just another fancy word for change :) – these last years in our favourite game of hockey. Some of these rule changes were not a big hit. Think for example the own goal rule¹.  But several were instrumental in making our game better. Think self-pass² or being […]

  • The Hockey Revolution

    FIH launched the Hockey Revolution some time ago and in recent blogs we talked about several of it’s components already. Last Monday we decided to talk directly to the new CEO of FIH, Jason McCracken and a president of one of the European federations, Marc Coudron from Belgium about this hockey revolution. Hockey5.TV is our […]

  • To change or not to change, that is the question

    So the battle has begun… the first of European federation presidents to speak publicly about the changes to the FIH calendar was Marc Coudron from Belgium. Yesterday he expressed in the Belgian newspaper La Libre some interesting statements. Fight Firstly, there is a “fight” within FIH between those who defend our European “club” hockey and those who could […]

  • Adapt or Die

    The Hockey Revolution has begun! And because I consider myself a typical product of European hockey culture I’m torn between tradition and innovation. Afraid to see our beloved traditional club culture diminish and at the same time excited to see new possibilities for the game I love. But… as Julius Caesar would say “Alea iacta […]

  • Money Time for hockey

    It’s Money time for hockey… 2017 will prove to be an important year for decisions that will change our game of hockey. Last month I wrote about the changes decided by the FIH in my blog “Sport or Entertainment“. Although we will not see all of the effects of these changes in the year to come, […]

  • Sport or Entertainment

    “Panem et circenses” is the original Latin expression from back in the Roman era that will loosely translate into “Bread and Games”.  It refers to politicians using diversion instead of actual accomplishments to keep the people happy. And it can ‘t be denied a lot of sports have evolved more towards fulfilling entertainment goals than […]

  • Even death fish go with the flow

    “The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.” My Dad sent me this Jim Hightower quotation via text some time ago, and it caught me at an opportune moment. Seeds of doubt had begun to sprout in my mind about the environment being created […]