• Money Time for hockey

    It’s Money time for hockey… 2017 will prove to be an important year for decisions that will change our game of hockey. Last month I wrote about the changes decided by the FIH in my blog “Sport or Entertainment“. Although we will not see all of the effects of these changes in the year to come, […]

  • Sport or Entertainment

    “Panem et circenses” is the original Latin expression from back in the Roman era that will loosely translate into “Bread and Games”.  It refers to politicians using diversion instead of actual accomplishments to keep the people happy. And it can ‘t be denied a lot of sports have evolved more towards fulfilling entertainment goals than […]

  • Even death fish go with the flow

    “The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.” My Dad sent me this Jim Hightower quotation via text some time ago, and it caught me at an opportune moment. Seeds of doubt had begun to sprout in my mind about the environment being created […]

  • Rio changes ranking

    Allow me to postpone my Rio review until the dust has settled and emotions are not (or less) in play.  But maybe just two quick observations already before I will shortly discuss the new (FIH) ranking after the Games. First: please let’s forget the experiment of the blue pitch for future tournaments. It has no advantages […]

  • Namen en rugnummers

    Met uitzondering van de Champions Trophy in Melbourne coverde ik de voorbije vier jaar alle toernooien van de Red Lions. Vanop de eerste rij had ik het voorrecht om getuige te zijn van het schitterende hockeyjaar 2013, het tegenvallende wereldkampioenschap, de ontnuchterende wake-up call genaamd EK2015 en de laatste bemoedigende rechte lijn onder leiding van […]

  • Sambasticks in Rio!

    Rio is getting close and Samba is in the air… Teams and coaches are gearing up to make the final selection for the Rio Olympics. Or as the FIH would say “The torch is lit for #sambasticks”. At the London Olympic park will be played the 2016 Champions Trophy. This once great tournament has been reduced […]

  • Dragons, de grote favoriet

    Ik las eerder vandaag de analyse van Laurent Toussaint (Le Soir & Hockeybelgium.be) over de finale tussen Dragons en Racing die morgen en zondag zal beslissen over de titel in België. Het leek me leuk de mijne (eerder een opinie dan een analyse eerlijk gezegd) er naast te leggen… voor wat het waard is… ;) […]